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Nowadays if you like it or not, gadgets are all around us and in use every day. Just imagine a life without a smartphone or tablet. Yes, we’ve lived without them for so long, but right now they’re a must have in this crazy fast moving world. Now for those people who use their phones and tablets for more than just work, in this article, you can maybe find something useful. This article presents gadgets for phones, tablets and laptops. If you wonder what these gadgets could be, just scroll down and check them out yourself. I am pretty positive you can find something useful here, maybe something you haven’t seen or thought of before.

The prices on this site are prices from the day the article was written, so even though I try to keep them up to date, it can happen that they don’t match the price on the day you purchase. After all, I don’t sell any of the items, which means I have no control over them. Also, if you live outside the US and get redirected to another Amazon site (ca, uk…), the prices might vary. I apologize for that and hope you understand.

Kapture Aduio-Recording Wristband

You know those times when you'd love to capture those nice or mean words someone said to you, but obviously, your phone was not recording, since you'd have to get it out of your pocket, find the recording app and start recording? What if there would be a way to capture those moments in audio on your phone with one tap?
Well, with the Kapture Wristband it's possible. You simply tap on it when the moment is over. This way you don't have to anticipate and have your phone ready, but Kapture simply records and stores the last 60 seconds of your life (audio). So the next time your kid promises to moan your land for a whole year in exchange for something, you simply tap on your wristband and it's safe and sound on your mobile phone. This way he can't back off. Really great idea for a present, don't you think?
You can get it for around $100 plus $15 for international shipping.

Laser Keyboard

The Laser Keyboard looks so awesome and futuristic. It connects to PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth or USB and it projects an actual keyboard on your desk. It's not a new concept, but it's still kind of unique.
There are many models out there, good and bad, and after a lot of searching, I've found one that has a lot and also best reviews. You can find it on the link below. I still can't guarantee it's gonna work 100% as advertised because I haven't used it. I prefer a 'standard' keyboard, where I can feel keys under my fingers. But for all those who don't write a lot (articles, books, etc.), but do a lot of travel and love futuristic gadgets, this is a great gift.
Be aware that it might not work on Windows 8 and that it's much more sensitive than the standard keyboard.
You can get it for around $40.

R5 Smartwatch

Since you're looking in this category, you've most probably heard about Smart Watches. If you can't afford to buy those top smartwatches from Samsung, Apple, LG and so on, but still want to own one, here is a nice solution for you. This watch is gonna cost you 10 times less and it looks almost the same as the Samsung's Gear watch. You can choose between grey, silver and gold colors. This model connects to most Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth. After digging around for the best product for this price range, the R5 is the best I could find. The reviews on all sites I've found are very good, so I would say go for it.
Here are some of the features: calling, messaging, time/date, alarm, stopwatch, music, multi-language (English, Italian, Turkish, French, Portuguese), notifications for Gmail, facebook and others, anti-lost, pedometer, sleep-monitoring (to monitor the quality of sleep), barometer, altimeter and more. The only thing this product lacks is the camera, but you can place your smartphone to take your selfie and set it off with a click on the R5.
You can get it for around $50.

Bluetooth Smart Braclet

Bluetooth Smart Bracelet is for those who want a cheap, but elegant 'smartwatch' and don't need all the smartphone functionality. It syncs to Android and iOS through Bluetooth and besides showing time, it also shows the caller ID. With it you can answer calls coming to your smartphone and listen to music. It also has an 'Anti-lost' function and since it's stated on every specification and mentioned in every review, I'm guessing it has to be very important for the watch to have it. I guess many people missplace their gadgets.
On top of it all, it comes in different colors: black, orange, pink, white and yellow. The only downside I've found from reviews, is that it does not have a plug for earphones, but for this price I think it's still great.
You can get it for around $25.

Slims Smart Bracelet

Yes, it is another bracelet for smartphones. And I promise it's the last one here. But the reason this one got up is the look. It's fashionable, with the very vivid colors like green, blue, black, orange, red and white. Some sites say it's also waterproof, but I can't vouch for it. With being a watch to wear while jogging or doing other sports, it should be waterproof, but again, I'm not sure.
The Slims Smart Bracelet counts your calories and distance, monitors your sleep and air temperature. It's small and lightweight so it doesn't disturb you while you run. It's everything you need in a fashionable bracelet and more.
Important: Some people complain about the difficulty of the setup and first use. If you happen to have those difficulties, try to look up on youtube and I'm sure you'll find something.
You can get it for less than $15.

235 Degree Clip Fish Eye Lens for Phones

Fisheye lenses are in right now, so why not give it to someone, who owns a phone and likes making pictures with it, as a present?
The great thing about it is, that is universal, so it goes on any phone. Since there are thousands of different camera lenses and just as many different phones and tablets out there, it's almost impossible to get a good fish eye lens for all models. But this one can do it. Thanks to the clip, it can be attached to any phone or tablet. So if you're not sure which phone your gift receiver has, just get him this universal Fish Eye Lens Clip and he/she can enjoy it even on multiple devices.
And if you ask me, I would probably try to wear it on my finger as a ring, while not in use. Just a thought, I haven't tried it.
You can get it for less than $15.

Easy-Macro Cell Phone Lens Band

The Easy-Macro Lens Band will come in handy to all of you who like to take pictures with your phone and need extra magnification. The band is made from elastic, this way it fits all phone sizes, so you don't have to worry about buying another one when changing your phone.
Easy-Macro adds optical magnification by 4 times. Not meant to be used by professionals, but for an everyday use by an average user should be more than good. It's so small it fits your pocket, so you can carry it around all the time because you never know when you're gonna need it.
You can get it for less than $15.

Smart Safe

Smart safe is a great safe to keep your desktop items away from everyone. It connects to your phone through an app and you lock it with a 4 digit combination of your choice.
it's not meant to store your pricey possessions since it's made from plastic, but it will keep your desktop items away from roommates, kids and so on. I would buy it as a gift for someone who works in an office and likes to keep their desk clean or maby a child to play with it (providing he owns a smartphone).
Be careful: even though it states that it connects to any phone, it doesn't connect to the iPhone 6, but it does to all previous models.
You can get it for around $30.

Bright Idea USB Light

For those who like to work on their laptop late at night and don't want to or can't use the big light in the room, here comes the Bright Idea Light, that connects to your laptop and shines only where you need it to. The great design makes it unique enough to fit in this article.
You can get it for around $15.

Selfie Phone Finder

Everyone that uses a stick for their selfies doesn't need this gadget. But all of you who don't want to walk around with the phone on a stick and still make selfies, Selfie Phone Finder is gonna make your job easier. With just a click you can take a picture of your phone or find it, in case you misplaced it somewhere around the room.
Honestly, with all the products presented in this article, I would rather buy someone a watch or bracelet that has this functionality included, but it is also true that not everybody likes watches or bracelets. For those people may come in handy this little Selfie Phone Finder that can be also used as a keychain.
You can get it for around $20.

Smartphone Film Scanner

Before the smartphones came to our lives, pictures had to be taken with a digital camera. And even before that, there was a camera that used 35mm film to store the pictures. In case you still have those films, you can now put them on your phone in no time with this Film Scanner.
Ideal for anyone who needs to digitalize their photos in retro style.
It's compatible with IPhone and most android phones.
You can get it for around $55.

Bigtrak Rover

For everyone who remembers the 80's hit toy rover, here comes the retro Bigtrak Rover which is guided by your iPhone, Android, PC or Mac. It's a nice toy to joke around your desk while procrastinating or for kids to play with it.
It moves forward, backward and spins both ways. With the onboard camera, you can spy around the house. How cool is that? And the greatest thing is, that doesn't consume any battery from your phone since it works on batteries.
You can get it for around $40.

iPega Bluetooth Game Controller for phones and tablets

I found another item I want ASAP. If you also like playing games on your phone or tablet but hate holding your hot and clumsy phone, this game controller is made for people like us. It can hold phones up to 5,5 inches, but don't worry if you use a bigger phone or maybe even tablet. You don't have to put it in the slot to play, which makes sense because otherwise it would be kind of heavy to hold a game controller and a tablet. The phone/tab can be connected through Bluetooth without any cables. It is supposed to connect to most smartphones out there and allow you to play almost any game on the Android or Apple market.
There are many models of iPega, but the PG-9017S seems to offer the best quality for the money and even hardcore gamers really love its responsiveness.
Perfect gift for game geeks.
You can get it for around $30.

Smartphone Projector

Want to watch a movie on big screen, but someone else is watching the tv already? If you have it on your phone this should be no problem. With the Smartphone Projector, you can turn any room into a cinema, which you can enjoy with your friends and family. You could even use it at a party to project music videos or at work for a presentational video when there is no other projector.
Smartphone Projector is made just of cardboard and glass and needs to be assembled before first use. Then just put your phone in and you can enjoy the 8 time magnified picture/video on your wall. Yes, it's this simple and it works. Of course, you can't expect it to display the movie in FullHD, but for a gift under $25, I think it's pretty awesome.
You can get it for around $25.

Veho Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

Veho Handsfree Car Kit is a perfect gift for those who spend a lot of time in their car and need to use their phones. A couple of years ago the Bluetooth headset was very popular and it still is very useful, but when you're in the car you don't want to have that earphone in your ear all the time. Some cars come with a handsfree car kit in them, but others have to implement it on their own.
The Veho Handsfree Car Kit is one of many in his category, but what this one has that makes it special is that it can pair up to 8 devices (2 of them at the same time) and has a movement sensor, so you don't have to think about turning it on or off, since it does that automatically. The sound quality is very good and with all the good reviews everywhere, plus it looks very nice compared to some other models, it convinced me to put it on my gift list.
You can get it for around $50.

Bluetooth Calling Gloves

This would make a great Christmas gift since the gloves are not only meant to make a phone call but also to do their primary job, which is to keep your hands warm. I know the Christmas season and winter, in general, is almost over (where I'm from at least), but you might keep that in mind for next holidays.
The Bluetooth Calling Gloves connect to your phone through Bluetooth. This way you don't have to search for your phone and miss a call because you can't find it. In winter, it's a great substitute for the Bluetooth handset.
The gloves are unisex, so they should fit everyone.
You can get it for around $10.

Orbotix Ollie

So you wonder what Ollie is?
It's an app-controlled robot driven by adrenaline. It's engineered for speed and programmed for tricks. The tires (the part with the blue color) can be replaced with other colors. It's a little more expensive than most of the products presented so far, but it's awesome for all gadgets freaks. Ollie can go over 14 mp/h (23km/h)
and do some awesome tricks while going this fast.
Things to consider: not waterproof.
You can get it for around $100.

Orbotix Sphero 2.0

Since I mentioned Ollie, I should also mention Sphero, which is Ollie's younger brother. Sphero is waterproof and fall-proof. It's an all around ball that can be used in many ways: to explore, learn or play. It's driven by a mobile app (Android, iOS and Windows) and it's very easy to control. You can even use to play with your cat. That would be a lot of fun.
Sphero can be personalized since you can buy additional color rubbers to put around it. Another great feature is that it lights in different colors. It's a simple ball which you control. There is one thing I'm missing and that is a camera. If it would come with a built-in camera it would make it even more fun, don't you agree? Well, maybe a future Sphero will come with one.
You can get it for around $130.

Lighter Cover for iPhone

It's a cover that can help you light the cigarette or open a bottle. If you know someone who smokes and never has a lighter on him/her, then this is a perfect gift for him/her.
You can get it for less than $15.

IBallz Ipad Protector

The iBallz iPad Protector is meant for everyone owning an iPad. If your iPad has no protection, then you should get one. You don't want it to slip through your hands and break, right? The iBallz is designed to protect your iPad from cracks and scratches with the help of four 4cm softballs placed on corners of your iPad. This way you can use your iPad with no worries. Perfect for everyone, especially those with kids.
You can get it for around $15.

Card Ninja Smartphone Wallet

Don't like carrying a wallet, but don't wanna have your credit cards and cash in your pocket? No problem. Just stick the Card Ninja Wallet on your smartphone and store your credit cards and some cash in it.
This product is not meant to replace your wallet if you're one of those people with many cards in it. It is meant for those who only carry a couple of cards and some cash or maby for when you go jogging. It's slim, the cards don't fall out and it helps you have your wallet with you all the time. Because we all know exactly where our phone is most of the time, but sometimes we just forget the wallet in a bag or pants we wore the day before. So if you stick it together, you can find it more easily and have it with you all the time.
You can get it from $10 to $20.

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