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Since the Despicable Me movies came out a couple of years ago, the side characters Minions have become so popular that this year they even got their own movie. Since they are now taking over the world, we can’t go past all the great gift ideas you can get for small and big Minion fans.
For those who want to know more about these little creatures, all the basic information can be found on

For all those of you who are looking for great gift ideas for minion fans and don’t want to look through many pages, here are the selected ‘must haves’ with all the information you need and a direct link to the seller.
Because there are so many different products and I like to know a little bit more before I suggest them to you, I will update them weekly.

This week I present to you various Minion collections, starting from the funiest.

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Minion Onesie

Looking for a cute gift for a baby? Get him/her a nice and soft Minion onesie. Let the baby look even more cute than he/she already is. The onesie is made of 100% combed and ring-spun (finer, smoother ad knit consistently) cotton and has a three-snap closure system for easy diaper change.
Well that's about it around this product. It's simple. And cute!
You can get it for around $15.

RoomMates Minions Wall Decals

Well I suppose you can't give a wall sticker to a child as a gift to unwrap. But you can redecorate his room with it and make that into a present.
My suggestion are the RoomMates decals. In one pack you get 11 different decals, so you can adjust them to the your wall any way you want. You can place 3 Minion all together or throw them around the room and give them any of the 8 accessories.
They are very easy to place, just peel and stick to anything that's smooth, so they're perfect not just for walls but also for doors and so on. Plus they can be repositioned and they leave no sticky residue after removal.
Really great wall sticker where you don´t damage your wall or doors.
You can get it for around $15.

Clear Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Already have the new iPhone 6? Now all you need is a really cute case to protect it. My suggestion is the Clear Case with Minions, where you can still see the logo from Apple but have the cute Minions on top to make it just perfect.
The case is made from high quality vibrant print that will not fade, scratch or degrade over time. You can choose between many different Minion graphics.
You can get it for around $15.

Halloween Minion Costumes

All of you who still haven't picked up the perfect Halloween costume. Why not be a Minion?
If you have children, the whole family could dress up like Minions. Dad could be Kevin, mom could be Stuart and the little one could be Bob with teddy bear. And in case you have more than one child, no worry, there are tons of Minions to choose. There are also Dave, Phil, Jerry, Tim, Mark and so on. And let's not forget your dog. Yes, he can also dress up like a Minion.
In the link below you can find anything, from Minion googles to whole costumes, for small and for big Minions.
The whole costumes start from $14.

Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster

For all gun and action Minion fans, here comes the Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster. Press the trigger and you will get farts! Just kidding. You won't get actual farts coming out the blaster, but farts sound effects and lights with changing colors. And since fart sounds are always funny to children, why not buy them a gun that does that?
This Fart Blaster is not just for small children, but also for all those grown ups with a little bit of humor sense.
It is also a really cool idea for Halloween - to make the fart sounds at any time.
This toy is pure fun.
You can get it for around $22.

Crocs Kids Minions Clog

If you are looking for clogs as a gift for your kids or grandkids, than you have to take a look at the coll and original Crocs Kids Minion edition. Just like all the crocs, they are very comfortable. The thing that separates them from normal crocks, besides the Minion graphic off course, is the fact that they glow in the dark. Yes, you got that right. They glow. And honestly, which kid doesn't like things that glow?
So hurry up and check out these nice clogs.
They come is different sizes, for 1 year olds all the way to 8.
You can get them from $25 on.

Plush Bob with Teddy Bear

No matter your age (4+ years), Bob with Teddy Bear is a great gift idea for boys and girls. It is cute, cuddly and 10 inches of adorableness. Bob is not only a soft and cuddly plush but he also responds when you hug him with his and his Teddy Bear's cheeks lighting up and glowing. When you squeeze his hand, he talks in his original voice and his eyes pop out of goggles. This is really a cute gift idea, not only for young ones, but also for all age Minion Fans. It is really a 'Must Have'.
You can get it for around $30.

Interactive Rock' N Roll Stuart & Sign'n Dance Bob

Stuart loves to rock'n roll on his guitar, while moving his hand up and down, while Bob loves to dance along.
These two plush toys are sold separately, but if you have them both, they can interact with each other. But no worries in case you only have one, because they are a lot of fun even on their own. They are both capable of talking with original funny Minion voices and they even talk back to you. How awesome is that?
This collection of Minions looks even better to me than the first one. Especially if you can afford both of them.
You can get each one for around $40.

Talking Minions Action Figures

The talking series of Minion action figures is composed of three different Minions, made from soft rubber and movable hands. They each have their own special thing, that makes them unique. Kevin loves his banana so try putting it in his mouth to activate special functions. To achieve these functions with Stuart, you have to move his head and with Bob you can try removing and returning the teddy bear. They each come with 35 different Minion sayings.
So far this Minion series is the most interactive and probably even the funniest to play with.
If you unite all three, you are assured to have lots of fun, since they can interact with each other. Each action figure is sold separately and you can get it for around $30.

Monopoly Game Despicable Me Edition

What makes the classic Monopoly game even better? Minions, of course! This is a great gift for younger Minion fans to enjoy the classic board game in a more despicable way, so instead of money, you have Banana bucks, a Nom Nom Tom Spinner replaces the classic dice and so on. The game story is that Gru has a villainous plan to take over the game of Monopoly, and it’s up to you to collect as many Banana Bucks as you can. In the end if you’re the one with the most Banana Bucks, you become Gru’s favorite Minion and win the game!
With the board you also get exclusive collectible Minions and can collect up to 50 different figures.
You can get it for around $20.

Memory Game Despicable Me Edition

Memory games are a great way for children to learn new words and train their memory. And since all kids love Memory games, they sure are gonna love the Despicable Me edition. There are 48 hilarious Minion picture cards to play with and the one with the most cards at the end of course wins.
It's a nice gift, especially if you're on a tight budget and can also be fun for the whole family.
You can get it for around $10.

Mega Bloks Minions Snowball Fight

For all those of you looking for small but fun gift for your children or grandchildren take a closer look at Minions Snowball Fight which is a part of a collection from the Mega Blocks Minions and can be combined with other Mega Blocks. This way you can start to build you own Minion mischief. With the snowball fight you can, as the name suggests, throw Mega Block snowballs with a working snowball launcher and build an Antarctic scene. You can also build Minion character with interchangeable parts, including coat, goggles, arms and feet. It is a great active toy for all, not only Minion fans. The best part is that since it's produced by Mega Block, it can be attached to other Mega Block base plates and bricks to create beautiful things beyond your imagination.
Another fun and unique gift idea for those on a tight budget as you can get it for max $10.

Minion Party Time!

Planning a surprise party for your loved ones? Then you have to take a look at the Minion Party Supplies so you can make the party something special and more fun. Here you will find all you need and more. My "start" package suggestion: Unique Despicable Me Party Hats, Luncheon Napkins, Decoration Kit, Party Straws, Plastic Table Cover (84" x 54") and Minions Birthday Cake Candles.
You can get this starter-pack for around $30.

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