This is not just an ordinary doorbell with the guitar sound. GuitDoorbell is a real guitar, attached on the wall over your door, that plays a sound when the door opens/closes. The guitar can be detached and used to play your favourite tunes. A unique present for guitar lovers.

If you think about it, it’s also a great place to store the guitar, since this is a fully functional guitar which you can play on although it is a little small. But otherwise, how would it fit over the doors?

The downside is that the GuitDoorbell is made in the US and the shipping costs for countries outside the US are almost as high as the product itself. So unless you’re from the US, I suggest you look for another gift or maybe try to replicate it yourself. I should not be that hard. I’ll probably feature this product in the soon to come DIY gift area and post a link here so you can do it yourself.

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