The original Jamstick came out a couple of years ago and this model – JamStik+ is actually the newer and better version of the first model.

Let’s explain what it actually is and what it does.
It’s a plastic 6 string guitar with only 5 frets meant as a portable traveling exercise tool or simply a teaching tool for beginners. By itself, it doesn’t emit any sound, but you have to use an iPhone, iPad or Mac with a free app to get some melody out of it. This means you can practice the guitar silently if the situation requires it.

The first version of the guitar needed a USB cable to connect while the new model works wirelessly. There are various apps you can use it with. The jamTutor is for those who want to learn, the jamMix is meant for those who want to freely create music and, of course, you can use it with GarageBand, Guitar Hero Rock Band and so on.

Left-handed people, be aware that you have to request a different model since the default JamStick is made only for right handed users. This also means that you won’t be able to share it with others if they’re not left-handed, which is really a shame.

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