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Two days ago I got a request from a mother of a newborn to write about gifts for babies and new moms. So I decided to dig into finding unique gifts for newborns and babies and came up with not much. When you get a baby there are so many things you need, but since I’m trying to keep this website about unique gifts, this is going to be a challenge. I dug some more and found a couple of good products to share with you all, but still not much. Trying to find a unique and at the same time, a good quality gift to fit in this article is really hard work. I’ll try to add some more, but I think this is going to be the shortest list so far.

Warning: This is something you should always do, but since you’re shopping for babies who are extra ‘fragile’ and put everything in their mouth, you should really check the reviews. I came across products that had over 4500 reviews with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars but were fakes which contained toxic chemicals and parts that came off and made babies to almost choke. Don’t believe 1 person who is not satisfied with a product or seller, but believe many unsatisfied customers who all claim the same thing. So be careful.

Easy Bath Kneeler

Every mother knows how uncomfortable is to kneel on the floor while bathing the little one. I think every mother should care about her safety and comfort. The Easy Bath Kneeler does both. It protects your knees and make the bathing more enjoyable. It's very easy to mount on your bathtub and with its simple fold design, you just fold it up and it's stored until the next bathing. The kneeler is made from water-friendly materials and it contains two pockets which are perfect for storing the soap and shampoo. A kneeler, made from any kind of foam, is a must have for parents. But since you're buying a present, you should consider getting one as described here. Maby you could include a soap, shampoo or rubber duck with it.
It's a very low-cost as you can get it for around $20.

Blooming Bath

When I saw this nice plushy bath in a shape of a flower I was about to put it in my basket. But after reading the reviews, I decided not to buy it. The first thing that turned me off was a review from someone claiming this product contains flame retardants which are toxic. So I though to read some more and came up with many people complaining that after using it a couple of times, it develops mold. Another health hazard. And besides all these health concerns, there is also one major problem with this product. Although it has a very nice look and looks comfy, most complaints were about the product's quality. Since it costs around $50, buyers complain that it only lasts for a couple of baths and then the petals start coming off.
At the end, the decision if you buy it or not is only up to you, but I thought I should share this.

DIY Ball pit

When I was a kid you couldn't find this awesome pools filled with balls to play in. Nowadays you can find them everywhere you go. I found a couple of products that come with the pool and swing or slide, but I haven't found one that would be of good quality. Plus they are all very expensive for what they offer. So I though again, 'Why not make one yourself?' It's actually very easy. You just buy an inflatable pool (any kind you want) for around $10 and fill it with a pack of plastic balls for $10 to $50, depending on the quantity. In the link below you can find a set of 100 balls with a 5.5cm diameter for a little over $10. The package for 100 balls is 50cm x 35cm x 35cm (19.69in x 13.78in x 13.78in), so can have a clearer vision of how many balls you'll need for your pool.
And that is all it takes to make your own Ball Pit. Every child would love it. It's great for kids as well as babies.

Wishbone Thermometer

Besides from the modern eye-catching design, the Wishbone thermometer is a great tool to measure baby's temperature, air and also object's temperature. You can measure the milk bottle's temperature, before giving it to the baby or the water temperature before taking a bath. It's also very small and portable. It's a project that was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and will start shipping this month. No reviews have been written since it's still not out, but it looks promising. It simply plugs into a smartphone (iOS or Android) and does its magic.
You can choose from three different colors: blue, lime and pink and you can get it for around $40.

Milk Nanny

No measuring, no mixing, no worries. This is what Milk Nanny is all about. It only takes a press of a button and after only 15 seconds the milk is ready. It's an awesome invention, funded on Kickstarter and just made its first shipping this month.
Let me tell you a little more about what it does and the specs. The water is stored in an insulated container that heats up to 100 degrees and then cools down to room temperature. The machine is made from BPA free materials and it self-cleans after every usage. The machine uses deep UV Sterilization for disinfection and assures no clumping.
With an app on your phone (iOS and Android) you can scan the milk product and Milk Nanny will know the exact amount of powder and water to mix, with it's extensive database. It can also help you track the amount of milk consumption and feeding trends.
The sad thing is that it only ships to 17 countries plus US for now, so if you live in one of those lucky 18 countries, you can get one for around $200.

Lully Sleep Guardian

If you have a child you've probably heard about products like Angel Care (link below), where you put a mat underneath you baby's mattress and it monitors the baby's breathing, alarming you when there is no breathing detection.
Well, this product works a little bit different, but it still gets placed underneath the mattress and whenever your child has a nightmare, it alerts you through your phone. Then you can turn it on to produce positive vibrations for 3 minutes and the nightmares should go away.
Lully was developed from research at Stanford University and is proven to stop 9 out of 10 night terrors. It is advised to use it for 4 weeks and then the night terrors should go away.
This gadget is not meant for newborns, but since this is also an article about gifts for moms, I thought of mentioning it.
You can get it for around $170.

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