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Having a guitarist in my life who’s about to celebrate a round birthday lead me to search around the web for that special gift. I found some really good ideas and I’m still not sure what I’m gonna get. If you want something personal, then you should buy them a record or book on an artist they like. If they are an artist, then supporting their career is the best way to go, like buying their merchandise and not expecting to get it for free. But if you are stuck and can’t think of anything unique enough, then I suggest you go through the products below. There should be something for you.
If you have any recommendations or reviews, don’t hesitate to contact me via or comment below.

The prices on this site are prices from the day the article was written. Also, if you live outside the US and get redirected to another Amazon site (ca, uk…), the prices might vary. I apologize for that and hope you understand.

Boing Silicone Guitar Stand

I've found many unique guitar stands, mostly made from wood with a vintage look, but to be honest this one looks best to me. And I guess it is pretty unique, given the fact that I could only found it selling on 2 pages. It's made from silicone coated metal and comes in white and black colours.
I've seen pictures of using Boing Stand with iPads and then I realised it's a smaller Boing. You could try using it also as an iPad stand, and if you try, please let me know if it fits. I'm very curious about that now.
Anyways, Boing Guitar Stand has a beautiful modern design and it's shock-absorbing, stackable, washable and versatile. It's a great gift for guitar lovers. Well, I wouldn't give it to a heavy metal player, but I think you're safe with most of other types of music.
If by following the link you'll see $150 price, then you should change the beginning of the URL to They deliver worldwide and the P&P are reasonable.
You can get it for around £40 plus shipping.

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie Tuner tunes your instruments quickly and accurately. It fine-tunes your guitar in less than a minute with a mobile app (both for iOS and Android devices). It also memorizes your settings, so you can retune your guitar even faster. This guitar tuner is more than just that, it's an assistant that fits your pocket. Also suitable to tune ukuleles and other string instruments. Roadie Tuner has been made by musicians who needed to tune their guitar accurately in a matter of seconds. The project was backed on Kickstarter and it seems to be a hit amongst musicians, although it does not come cheap.
It will cost you around $100.

Snark SN-1 Tuner

If you're looking to buy a cheaper guitar tuner, then look no further. The Snark SN-1 does it's job wonderful. It clips to your guitar and rotates 360 degrees for easy use. It's perfect for acoustic, electric and bass guitars, with a pitch calibration from 415 Hz to 466 Hz, high sensitivity vibration sensor and a tap tempo metronome with a range from 40 to 250 bpm. People seem to love this product. If you don't believe me, just check the reviews on
And the best part is, that you get a great guitar tuner for just around $10. And have I mentioned that it also looks very cool. And if you don't like the blue color, you can always choose the black or red one.


This is not just an ordinary doorbell with the guitar sound. GuitDoorbell is a real guitar, attached on the wall over your door, that plays a sound when the door opens. The guitar can be detached and used as a normal guitar to play your favourite tunes. A unique present for a guitar lover.
The downside is that the GuitDoorbell is made in the US and the shipping costs for countries outside the US are almost as high as the product itself. So unless you're from the US, I suggest you look for another gift or maybe try to replicate it yourself.
You can get it for around $140 full price or $80 on sale now.


JamStik is a revolutionary way to make music on your guitar the easy way and also a very good teaching tool. The uniqueness of this product is that it connects to your iPhone, iPad or Mac and can be used with jamTutor and jamMix, which are official apps to mix and learn how to play. Unfortunately, the apps are not available for Windows and Android users. You can still use it with other apps, but not the official ones. The company is working on finding a solution to that, but I wouldn't count on a solution anytime soon. The JamStik is small and lightweight, perfect to carry around.
Be aware, that it has no support for left-handed players yet. Also, the reviews are very mixed up. But it is still the best learning midi guitar I could find. I would say it's not meant for professionals, but more for beginners.
You can get it for around $300 or preorder the improved Jamstick+ on KickStarter.

Hand Exerciser

Every good guitarist need to keep his fingers strong. Yes, they get stronger with practice, but this product helps you keep your fingers strong even when you can't practice on a real guitar. It's simple to use, so much that I don't think I need to explain how to.
This is one of those producs noone can say it's unique or new, but I still think it would make a great gift and if the guitarist in your life doesn't own one yet, this is a perfect solution to your low-cost gift.
You can get it for around $10 - $20, depending if it's on sale or not.

DIY Guitar Shelf

Well this is not something you can buy. Although if you search around long enough, you'll find pieces that will cost you around $150 plus shipping.
But if you happen to have an old, broken guitar or can get one at a resonable price and have some time to spare, than I'd suggest you make a Guitar Shelf. The best thing about this gift, is that you can personalize it to fit your recipient's room and taste. This gift is opened to your imagination. I've actually though of writing the instructions myself, but I think that Chelsey from made a great job with her tutorial on how to make a guitar shelf, that I'll just leave you with a link to her page.

Guitar Necktie

Maby not so unique, but I still think it could be a cute gift. There are many neckties with a guitar design and even guitar shaped neckties out there, but I like the one in the picture here. Dave the Cat Tie - Guitar Fretboard is an elegant black necktie, hand made from 100% silk. So you see, this is not some cheap, ugly necktie, but a very charming one. It is not so noticeable, this way it can be worn on many occasions, but still unique for a tie and a gift on a budget.
You can get it for around $20 and is only available through (no or other sites).

Black Wood Guitar Photo frame

The Guitar Photo Frame would make a lovely gift. If you're buying for your boyfrined/ girlfiend, you can put pictures of you two together or you can make it all about him/ her by putting his/hers pictures from concerts and studio. This way he/she'll have something to brang about whenever someone new comes to visit.
The frame holds 6 pictures: four 3x3" and two 4x6".
You can get it for around $20 and is only available through (no or other sites).


PocketString is a great practicing tool for guitarists, from beginners to pros. It is so small that it fits your pocket, so you can take it with you just everywhere you go. And it doesn't make any sound so you can practice your chords anywhere and anytime, from coffe shops, planes, school, office or anywhere you can think of, without anyoing people around you. It's made from wood and real guitar strings and it comes in two versions: 4 fret and 6 fret.
The reviews are very mixed up, so I guess it depends of what you expect. Some guitarists say it's an awesome practicing tool, yet others says it doesn't feel like a real guitar. If you ask me, it obiously can't feel like a real guitar, but I would still get it for someone who's just learning to play.
You can get it for around $30.

Guitar Pick Wallet

This wallet has been especially made for guitarist by a passionate guitarist, so they can carry their picks around in a organized wallet. It's small enough to fit your pocket or guitar bag, but still big enough to fit more than 20 picks and it comes with three celluloid picks included. People seem to love it.
A top gift for any guitarist, especially for those who can never find a pick when they need one.
You can get it for around $25.

Guitar Pick Cutter

Want to personalize your picks? With Guitar Pick Cutter you can cut them from any kind of plastic material and with any design you like. It's a big hit and if you don't believe me, just check the reviews on amazon in the link below, which are very good. It would make a great gift for anyone that plays guitar, this way he can have personalized guitars made from different plastic materials and thicknesses.
You can get it for less than $25.

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

How cool would it be to have a guitar on your T-shirt to carry it around with you? This Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt is exaclty that. It comes with a real amplifier that you can put on your belt and rock on wherever you are. All major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar that makes it sound just like you would play on a real guitar. The shirt is machine washable as the electronic part is detachable. Awesome gift for all guitar lovers, but be prepared to listen to those rifs all day long.
You can get it for around $50.

Guitar Wing

Guitar Wing is a 3D MIDI controller that mounts on the guitar or bass and connects wirelessly to your computer so you can instantly access and control digital effects at your fingertips. It works instantly with your favorite DAW, iOS device, MIDI hardware and more, without drivers or complicated setups.
It has pressure pads, touch slider and other motion controls. The WigFX effects plugin come with the Guitar Wing, so you can try it right away.
You can get it for around $190.

Marshall Fridge

If you can afford a gift for $400 I would say go with this one. Although it looks just like the real Marshall amp, it sadly does not output any sound. It's a fridge with the capacity of 114 liters and it also includes a freezer compartment with 12 liters capacity. It's just breathtaking. Every guitarist would love to have this baby in their apartment.
You can find two links below. If you're from US or Canada go for the Amazon link where the price is around $400, otherwise go for Thomann, with prices from €370 to €450 (depending where you live) and cheapest shipping.

Fender Strat Cutting Board

This cutting board is made from recycled Adler wood and has a Fender Strat body shape. It's a lovely gift for anone who loves cooking as much as guitars. Any guitar lover would be more than happy to display and use this in their kitchen.
You can get it for around $20.

Guitar Mirror

Every musician needs to look good on stage and with a gift like a Guitar shaped mirror you can't go wrong. Since I try to post links accesible for everyone, or at least most people, around the world, it was kind of hard to find one mirror that is available everywhere. That's why I didn't pick a specific mirror, but gave you the link to different mirrors on Amazon. My favourite is a mosaic guitar mirror, that is unfortunately sold only is US, but I'm sure you can find a nice piece that can be delivered to other courties too.
You can get it from $15 on.
I've also included a guitar shaped mirror (seen in the picture), that is also a clock and in my opinin looks stuning. You can find it in the second link below for only $15. But the thing is, I couldn't find any reviews for this product, however the seller has a good positive feedback and has sold a lot of other items to satisfied users, if that helps.

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