Gifts for Music Lovers

In this article you can find ideas on gifts for Music lovers.
Some gifts are funny, some decorative and other usefull. If you’re looking for some unique speakers, check out Cool and unique Speakers article.
I am going to add more articles on this subject so you’re welcome to check back soon. Scroll down to see all the awesome and unique gift ideas for music lovers I’ve found so far. And if you have something to add, feel free to contact me and I’ll add it.

The prices on this site are prices from the day the article was written, so even though I try to keep them up to date, it can happen that they don’t match the price on the day you purchase. After all, I don’t sell any of the items, which means I have no control over them. Also, if you live outside the US and get redirected to another Amazon site (ca, uk…), the prices might vary. I appologize for that and hope you understand.

Air Guitar

Air Guitar is a guitar you can take with you everywhere and annoy everyone with your awesome skills. It has also a plug for headphones, when your playing gets too annoying for those around you. It works on InfraRed and has 7 buttons to make different sounds. On the side you also find 4 buttons to play in major, minor, sharp or flat. And for those who don't really know how to play, it has 10 preset songs you can play to.
All the reviews I read are very good. People simply love this thing. Great and unique gift for all guitar lovers. But please keep in mind that it is meant more like a toy than a real guitar. So I would suggest getting this 'guitar' for younger people and definitely not for a serious guitarist.
You can get it for less than $15.

Recycled Record Bowls

Decorate your dinning table with this unique bowl made of real recycled vinil records. Use it as a fruit basket or utensils bowl.
Be aware that it is not dishwasher safe, as it is made from recycled records and also it is not suitable as a bowl to eat your cereals from. All the bowls are hand made from vinyl records the author has, that is why the artist on the record cannot be choosen.
Recycled Record Bowls are made by Jeff Davis who has been making objects, furniture and environments for over 15 years.
You can get it for around $25.

Recycled Record Bookends

Another item made from recycled vinyl records. The Recycled Record Bookends are hand-made from two 7" 45rpm records. The records used vill vary and are all unique. So you can't get a more unique gift than that.
So enrich your book shelf with these awesome bookstands.
Recycled Record Bookends are made by Jeff Davis who has been making objects, furniture and environments for over 15 years.
You can get it for around $45.

Pocket DJ Mixer

With Pocket DJ Mixer your can be a DJ anywhere. It's light (130g), small, plugs into laptops, phones and other media players and doesn't need any external power. Take it with you everywhere and amaze those around you with your awesome DJ skills.
You just connect two devices (anything with a headphone jack), plug into a stereo equipment and you're ready for the party.
The german Design Award Winner is a perfect gift for those who like to party with good music.
You can get it for around $120.

Gourd Amplifier

Gourd Amplifier is an amplifier in a shape of a Gourd. To be more precise, it is an aplifier handmade from a real gourd and not some cheap plastic. Looking for something unique? Well there you go. I don't think you can get any more unique than that, since it is made from a real gourd, this way not even two are the same. You can choose from different colors like green, blue, red and others.
It comes with two different cables: ¼” jack typically used by instruments, and a standard headphone sized jack for playing tunes from your phone, pc or iPod.
Of course it is not meant to replace a hi-fi system, but the sound is supposedly quite good.
You can get it for around $100.

Personalised Sound Wave Art

Wanna make your gift more personal? What about recording something and putting that soundwave on prints, canvas or jewelry?
Just think about a pair of wedding rings without any name or date, but just a soundwave, that only you and your better half know what it means. And there is no way someone else could wear the same ring, since everyone's speach and voice is unique.
If you wanna find out more, check the link below.
You can get them from $50 on.

Art Vinyl Record Frame

What's so special about this frame, you ask? Well, it is made for storing and displaying 12 inch vinyl records on your wall. But the thing that makes it speacial, is that it alows you to get the record out quickly without unmounting the whole frame. This way you can have the records displayed on the wall in a great looking frame and still be able to use them whenever you want. Also this way you can change the record to fit your mood very easily.
Just so you know, the frame is made from plastic, so you won't expect a high-end frame.
You can get it for around $50.

AC/DC Monopoly

Searching a gift for a rock lover, more specific AC/DC lover? Take a look at this AC/DC version of Monopoly. It's not just a normal Monopoly game. The Backtracks and Bonfire replace the Chance and Community Chest, AC and DC Currents are placed instead of the Utilities, and various vehicles instead of the railroads. With this game board, playing Monopoly gets a whole new level of fun.
You can get it for around $45.

Zildjian Cymbal Clock

Need to buy a gift for a Zildjian fan? This Cymal clock looks great.
You can get it for around $60 and is currently only available in the US.
This is also one of those gifts you can make yourself. Either if you have an old cymbal at home or can get one that is not being used anymore. Yes, an old cymbal won't probably look this shiny, but on the other hand, it would have a more personal feel to take someone's old and worn cymbal and then return it polished with a clock mechanism inside ready to be put up for display. If you plan to do it yourself, just buy a clock mechanism, place it in the center hole and add a hook at the back with some strong glue or perhaps even weld it, if you think it won't hold that well, given the fact that some cymbals can be pretty heavy. Now you can simply take it down to replace the batteries. Maby I'll even try that myself. Sounds like a good idea.

Personalized Mixtape Pillow

Oh what a nice present this pillow would make. Since there are so many different sizes, shapes and designs, you can choose the one that fits you and then customize it. Depending on the pillow you've choosen you can choose the color, text or shape. This mixture of colour, shape and personalized text makes this pillow a unique gift you can give to any kind of music lover.
You can get them from $30 on.

Guitar Flipper

Nice idea and great reviews for this unique Guitar Flipper. It's cheap and comes in different colours, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.
I know it's just a guitar shaped flipper, but why not make it fun to flip pancakes with this not boring and not normal shaped flipper, that everyone has in their kitchen.
You can get it for around $10.

Metal RockStar Nail File

Another cheap item to bundle in your gift. For all those who like to keep their nails 'in shape', why not do it in style? Give them this tinny double sided Flying-V shaped guitar nail pile. The product is supposed to be of very good quality, so consider giving it as a present to a rock chick.
You can get it for around $10.

RockStirs Guitar Tea Spoons

Yet another gift idea for music lovers for those on a tinny budget. These RockStirs Guitar Tea Spoons would look groovy in any cup of tea, coffee, don't you think?
The only thing is, I don't know how you choose your desired shape, so I included also a link to ebay where you can select your favourite, but if you wanna order it outside of US, you have to add the shipping costs or do the search yourself.
You can get it for around $10.

Turntable Kitchen Timer

Turntable Kitchen Timer will prevent you from burning or undercooking your dishes. It's small, simple and adds a music touch to your kitchen. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't play any music. It only rings when the time is up.
A nice decor for kitchen with a timer function that can be set to go off after up to 55 minutes.
You can get it for around $15.

Record Player Chopping Board

Another item that fits the kitchen of a music lover. If that Kitchen Timer wasn't big enough for you, then you should get this Chopping Board with a nice 3D look of a record player. When not in use you should think of putting it on the wall or sothing, because it's just to beautiful to stay in the drawer. Don't you think?
You can get it for around $25.

Mini Amp Speaker

Mini Amp Speaker is designed just like a real amp, but in a much smaller portable size meant mostly to use with your smartphone, mp3 player or computer. Great gift idea for $20 and judging by the reviews it also produces a good sound.
You can get it for around $15.

JVC Kenwood In-Ear Headphones

This is one of the most expensive items I've written about so far and you'll probably think it is also not that unique. Well yes, they are high-end in-ear heaphones with an amazing sound, and no, there is also something speacial about them. The first thing is that they have a wooden housing, not fake plastic colored like wood, but real wood, which makes the sound more large and spacious. People really love them. There is one complaint thogh and it's about the basses, which apparently are over bloated. So definetly not suitable for someone who likes to keep the bass very low. But overall they make a nice present, if you have around $300.
I amost forgot, the cable is detachable. So in case you don't like the original or something happens to it, maby a cat or dog eats it (believe me it's very possible), you can just grab a new chord and replace it.

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