Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Since there are so many Star Wars fans all around the world I can’t get past writing an article about gifts for Star Wars fans. And by the way, there are so many products on this theme that I’ll be adding much more products soon.
Most of the products can be found on sites specialised in gifts for geeks, like getDigital, IWOOT and ThinkGeek.
You’re here because you need ideas for your friend who loves Star Wars, so scroll down and try to find something.

The prices on this site are prices from the day the article was written, so even though I try to keep them up to date, it can happen that they don’t match the price on the day you purchase. After all, I don’t sell any of the items, which means I have no control over them. Also, if you live outside the US and get redirected to another Amazon site (ca, uk…), the prices might vary. I appologize for that and hope you understand.

Star Wars R2D2 BackPack

You can get many different Star Wars themed backpacks all over Amazon, but what makes this one stand out, is it's old-style look. It doesn't look like the average modern backpack, but more like it was made in the time when Star Wars first came out. It looks great, although it is a little bit small, but it's meant more to replace your handbag, than to go backpacking around Europe. It's also suitable for kids as a back to school gift. All in all, it's a lovely backpack that will make everyone around you envy and you can get it for around $35.

Star Wars Onesies

Want your newborn to be a Star Wars fan from day 1? Of course you do. So be sure to get him/her a funny and cute onesie with writings like: "The Force Is Strong With This One", "Judge Me By My Size Do You?", "Future Jedi", "Storm Pooper" and so on. Since there are so many, I put a link with a list where you can pick up your favourite or favourites.
You can get them from $10 to $25.

Star Wars Mood Lights

Light up the dark side of your bedroom with this incredible mood light. You can choose between Darth Vader or Stormtropper mood light. In the link below is Dart vader, but if you'd prefer the Stormtrooper light, then just scroll down to 'Related articles' on IWOOT and you'll find it there for a couple of bucks more. Both are pretty awesome and they run on batteries, so no wires there. This way it is easier to take it with you and let it shine the way to the bathroom.
You can get it for around $20.

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Here comes the Death Star. It's a wireless Speaker, that connects to any bluetooth enabled device or through AUX cable. And there's more. It lights up when the music plays. That's pretty awesome.
It's small to fit on every desk, but powerfull enough to listen to your favourite music or movies.
You can get it for around $50.

Death Star Cookie Jar

Cookie lovers, here is something for you. A ceramic Death Star cookie jar.
Even when your mom, who sadly don't understand your love for Star Wars, comes to visit, she will love it, because it's not just a Death Star cookie jar, but it's simply a great looking ceramic cookie jar. And is big enough to store lots of cookies, so you don't have to fill it up too often. A thing every fan must have in their home.
You can get it for around $45.

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

Another Star Wars item made for food. This one does not store your food, although you can even use it for that, but the primary function of this product is to measure food. It's an R2-D2 robot, which can be dissasembled in 4 measuring cups and spoons with different sizes to use in the kitchen. I think everybody would like to play with it, this way you maby even get some help in the kitchen.
The awesome part of this and all Star Wars gadgets in general, is that they look good even when they're not in use and just stand on your coutertop, desk, shelf, wall, car...
You can get it for around $30.

X-Wing Knife-Block

Add a star wars touch to your kitchen with this intergalactic knife ship.
When all the knives are placed in, it looks just like the X-Wing. I want that, because it looks very cool, unique and useful at the same time.
A little expensive, but if you think that you also get the knives, which are of good quality and knowing that you get the officially licensed Star Wars product and not some cheap product, I think it's worth it.
You can get it for around $80.

R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage

R2-D2 is here to assist you with your flights.
Yes you got that right. It's a carry-on luggage that's gonna help you through any airport with its 360 swivel wheels for quick maneovering. Don't get fooled by the picture, I know it looks big, but it's kind of small, so you won't be able to stuff all you Star Wars gadgets with you.

This item can only be purchased through Think Geek and right now it looks like it's unavailable. Anyway, I won't take it down for that, because even if you can't buy it at the moment, you will be able to buy it in the future.
You can get it for around $80.

R2-D2 Baby costume

Awww... Isn't it cute?
It's a must have costume for real Star Wars loving parents. Do your baby a favour and make him look like the greatest droid ever.
Now you can drees up the whole family into Star Wars characters and have a great and unique photoshooting.
You can get it in different sizes (from 6 to 24 months).
You can get it for around $45.

Darth Vader Toaster

Another must have item for your kitchen. A Dart Vader helmet that toasts your breakfast with the famous Star Wars logo on each side.
But be careul if you mean to use it in Europe, since it was made for US and Canada, so you'll have to get a plug converter, but that's not gonna stop a real Star Wars fan. Also be careful not to use very big toasts, because they simply won't fit in, but overall, customers are very satisfied with it.
You can get it for around $60.

Force Trainer

Ever though of moving an object with your mind just like a Jedi? Well, now you can. With Force Trainer you can try to reach the highest rank of Jedi Master by deveoping your powers with a 15 level training with Jedi master Yoda.
Some of you might think it's a game and it doesn't really work, but you're wrong. The company that licensed this technology to Star Wars actualy developed this thing for people in wheelchairs. With electrodes on their head, that connect to the brain, they are able to move their wheelchairs. They can do it with the force of their minds. Now you can try it yourself. Since it is a high-tech product, it's obivous that the price is a little high for a toy, but it's really cool and unique. Plus it's Star Wars. Enjoy and may the force be with you.
You can get it from $90 to $180.

Force Glove

Not as cool as the Force trainer, but with the Force Glove you can attract or repel objects without touching them. This one works with a different force, know to mankind for a long time, called magnets. You won't be able to fool adults, but it could make an awesome gift for kids. With it they can not just play, but also experiment with magnet poles.
You can get it for around $20.

Small R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock

Waking up in the middle of the night and trying to find out how much time you have left to sleep in the dark. Does this sound familiar to you?
With a droid shaped like R2-D2 that won't be a problem anymore. He is not very big, so he won't take much space on your nightstand, but he can project the time on your wall like a pro, so you can see it clearly any time you need it.
You can get it for around $30.

Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Summer is coming and you know you're gonna have lots of popsicles. So why not having them with style?
This ice pop maker comes with 4 unique hilts that light up with LED so you can be cooler than all your friends or since they come in four, you could even share them.
You can get it for around $45.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Another Lightsaber product. This time two lightsabers are used as chopsticks that can light up to make your sushi even more enjoyable. They come in many different colors: red, green, purple, blue and with different hilts, this way you can choose the character that you prefer.
Bon apetit and hope you got some awesome ideas on what to buy your friend or maby even yourself.
You can get them for around $10 to $20.

Darth Maul Lightsaber Lamp

Every Star Wars fan must have a Lightsaber. It's just the ultimate thing. So why not have one that is attached on your bedroom wall? This is a double one and can be attached horizontally or verically,
The only downfall this gadget has, is that it cannot be taken from the wall and used as two single lightsabers to fight with, but it serves his primary function, which is to light up your bedroom in Star Wars style.
You can get it for around $30.

Stormtrooper Ceramic Mug and Bathrobe

Like to drink your coffee in style? Well then you should get a Stormtrooper Mug. And while we're at it, what do you say about a Stormtrooper bathrope to go with it? Or maby a bathrobe on some other Star Wars Character. You can find many different bathrobes in the second link below, since I couldn't decide which one is best.
With these two items you can now relax in a warm and soft robe while drinking your finest cup of coffe from a unique mug. And the most important thing, you do that in Star Wars style.
You can get the mug for around $30 and the bathrobes from $30 on.

Death Star Grinder

Anouther great use of the Death Star. You need to grind your herbs? With the Death Stars power you can achive that in no time. It's so little that it won't take much space in your kitchen or pocket, yet so nice looking, that you'll wish to give it to everyone who uses it.
You can get it for around $25.

Star Wars Monopoly Saga

From the Hasbro description: "Good and evil are pitted against each other in an epic battle for control. First, choose a side. Then travel the galaxy, buying, selling and renting properties. The more you control, the further your power will spread. If you are able to use the force to your advantage, you will grow even stronger. When your influence spreads far enough, the galaxy will be yours!"
Can be played by normal monopoly rules or optional Star Wars rules to make it even more fun.
You can get it for around $50.

Something For Your Car

Car owners, here are some ideas for your car.
Are you one of those people who puts a sticker on the back of the car with the whole family? Well you can now do it in Star Wars style.
Do you want your car to look nice even when you're not in it? Then you should get Star Wars Seat Covers or Star Wars Windshield.
And that's not all. You should check this cool Star Wars Floor Mats and key chains and of course you can't miss the Star Wars Steering Wheel Cover.
You can find all these products in the link below.

Thermoses and Lunchboxes

Love hot coffee or hot tea? Then you should check out the cool R2-D2 thermos or Chewbacca and Darth Vader lunchbox. Check the link below and pick whichever you like. Keep your drinks hot and lunch fresh with these amazing Star Wars products.

For those who don't see anything but R2-D2 thermos: you should check the link and change one word in it (be sure that amazon ends with .com) and you should have all three choices.
You can get them for around $20.

Death Star Planetarium

This Death Star it's kind of small, but it opens up into a planetary projector to display the cosmos on your bedroom ceiling. Choose to view a map of the worlds that make up the Star Wars galaxy, or view the Earth’s own night sky. Great gift for all Star Wars fans, especialy kids. Think how much easier it would be to put your kids to sleep with this nice planetarium. And while watching the stars, they can explore not just Star Wars glaxies, but learn about the start that surrounds us. When not in use a planetarium, it still makes a nice Star Wars decor in your bedroom.
You can get it for around $20.

Lightsaber Desk Lamp

Let the Lightsaber Desk lamp illuminate your path. There are 3 different lightsaber hilt base you can choose from: Vader, Yoda or Obi Wan, but in the link below you can only find Anakin's hilt, because I couldn't find the others at the moment. I guess they're so popular, that they get out of stock very fast.
The LIghtsaber Desk lamp would make a great gift for Star Wars fans of all ages.
You can get it for around $75.

Want more Star Wars?

If you're looking for something to wear or anything that is not listed here, you can check out this three websites below that sell a lot of Star Wars items. Most of the unique items they sell are covered here, but if you think I've missed something good, then give it a look.
Also be sure to bookmark this page, since I'll be adding new items as I find them.

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