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Nowdays we are surrounded by technology every step of our lives. The moment we are born, people take pictures and videos of us with their fancy smartphones and cameras and upload the pictures on social media or cloud storages. Then they survail us with baby monitors and latter maby even hidden cameras. Now the drones are very popular, which makes it easy for someone to just send it high in the air to take a selfie and also to snoop around the neighborhood. With the help of internet, words spread fast all around the globe. This is how we stay in touch today, through laptops, smartphones and tablets. A lot of gadgets have been designed speccialy for phones and tablets and you can find some of them in the article that I’ve wrote previously about Gadgets for Phones, Tablets and Laptops. But for all those gadgets that don’t fit that category, like drones, 3d printer pens and floating globes, I had to write another article, because some of these items are really cool and a must have for every gadget lover.
If you are reading this, you probably need a gift for someone who loves gadgets, and you should know (if you don’t already), that many gadget lovers know exactly what’s new in the gadget world. That’s why it is hard to shop for them. Below you will find some of the items I think are pretty awesome and unique. Scroll down and check them the random gadgets I’ve found.

The prices on this site are prices from the day the article was written, so even though I try to keep them up to date, it can happen that they don’t match the price on the day you purchase. Also, if you live outside US and get redirected to another Amazon site (ca, uk…), the prices might vary. I appologize for that and hope you understand.

Drone Syma X5C with Camera

You can find many drones with or without camera out there. But after doing a little research on sites like Amazon to AliExpress and blogs, I think this is the best model for this price. Yes you can buy a pro camera and drone for $700+, but if you're not willing to spend that much money, then go with this one. The Syma X5C Quad Copter is very easy to fly and has a HD camera, that makes very good pictures. The batteries are included and last for around 10minutes of flying, then you simply recharge them for a little more than one hour. In the mean time, put the other battery pack in and have some fun.
Be aware: A couple of people on Amazon reported that the batteries that came with the drone melted. Yet the majority of customers on all sites never had any problems.
When compared to other low priced drones, the X5C is really though. Many customers report that even after smashing it against walls, ceillings and trees, it still works as new.
BE CAREFUL: If you order through the link below, be sure to pick the right color, where color means accessories. You can find everything you need in the description.
The reason I've picked this seller, is because he sold over 4000 pieces and has best reviews. This is hot stuff, so be sure to get yours.
You can get it for around $40 - $80, depending on the color-accessories.


DoorBird is an innovative alarm system for your home. You probably wonder what can be innovative in an alarm system. Let me answer that. DoorBird connects to your smartphone and everytime someone rings your door, you get an alert and can talk to the person that rang through your phone. That means that if you're at work, you can see whoever was at your home. You can even see people that don't ring, because the motion sensor triggers the alert.
It is advertised to help you with deliveries. With DoorBird you can not just talk to the person on the other side, but you can also invite him in and monitor what he's doing until he's there. This way you don't have to schedule your deliveries anymore. I am a little sceptic about using it for this purpose, but maby that's just me. There is another important functionality to DoorBird and it's the App through which you can talk very loud or even fire up the 100db siren sound. Perfect if a burglar is trying to access your home.
All in all, it seems like a great gadget. Very usefull, nice design, outdoor ready, has HD video, history records, night vision and much more.
The DoorBird is so fresh on the market, that you have to preorder it, although the delivery should start this month (March).
You can get it for €299 (pre-order) or later for regular price of €349.

Floating Globe (C-Shape)

Another gadget that has that futuristic look. I've wanted to get one some time ago, when I first saw it and now that I stumbled upon it, I might end up ordering it. Well let's dive into the presentation.
After all the researching I've come up with two different products that look good and have good reviews and since I couldn't decide between the two, I'll describe both.
Let's start with the cheaper globe in a C shape. The globe levitates between the C shaped based, when the base is powered on of course. You can just let the globe float or spin it to make it look even nicer. The base shines blue and red, so it could be also used as a night lamp. It's perfect for home and office and it will cost you around $35 ($25 on sale), which is pretty cheap for a floating globe.
For the second globe scroll down.

Floating Globe (blue)

The second floating globe is also perfect for home and office. Just think how envy will the coworkers be on your levitating globe. This globe has a completly different look from the one above. Some customers report that it is very hard to center the globe, so be prepared to spend some time learning how to do it. But the awesome part about this product is that the globe can be actually taken apart and inside you will find the magnet responsible for the levitation. In the link below you can see a video of how someone used this magnet to put different items on it. This way, if you get bored by the rotating globe, you can have any small non magnetic object to rotate on the floating display.

You can get it for around $90. If you get redirected to for ex. amazon.co.uk and the price is way above $100, you can change the URL from www.amazon.co.uk/... to www.amazon.com/... and buy it for under $100.

Polaroid Cube Mini Camera

Polaroid came up with a tinny camera, tall only 1.4 inches (35 milimeters). It was a response to goPro action cameras, but you can't really use it for action. Although it makes good pictures for its size, the video quality is not that good. Plus it has a magnet for attaching, which is not always an option, but you can get a stick or something else to mount it on. All in all it's a good camera and what makes it so special is the size. You can put it in your pocket easily. And you can choose from three different colors: black, blue and red.
If you have a $100 to spend on an average, but cute and tinny camera, then the Polaroid Cube is the way to go. But if you want very good quality camera, you'll have to go with something bigger or/and more expensive.

Handheld Cryptex Safe

Do you have problems with hiding money from your kids, friends or other family members? With this Cryptex Safe you won't have to worry about your money's safety anymore. It is made out of solid and sturdy alloy and can only be opened by aligning the correct codeword that you set, so really try not to forget it, if you wanna see your money again. It has a nice design and would even look great on your desk or shelf.
You can get it for around $80.

Egloo - Candle Powered Heater

Egloo is an innovative way to heat your apartment fast and at low cost. It uses candles and metal, which placed and formed in the right way, gives your appartment a warm and nice look. The project has been founded on IndieGogo and is about to start shipping this month. Since it's not yet out, I can't say if it really works as advertised, but I've seen people making their own versions of heaters based on the same principal and it worked, so why shouldn't this? And for 10 cents per day to heat your apartment is really cheap. If you want to pre-order, you can do it in the link below. the prices start from $60 (depending on color) plus shipping.

Magic Wand Remote Controller

I know it's a 4 year old product, but it's still unique and there are still people that haven't forgoten about Harry Potter. Yes, the magic wand looks like some Harry Potter wand and it works with just a flick and swish. You can program your own moves and you can pair it on many devices in your home, like TV, Stereo, TV Box, etc.
I've read a lot of different reviews about the Kymera Magic Wand. Even all it has 4 stars out of five on Amazon (190 reviews), most of the bad reviews are about people complaining that it is very hard to use or more precisely to teach the wand your own commands. If you look at other reviews you'll see that if you have some patience, it's actually a great gift for gadget (or Harry Poter) lovers.
You can get it for around $70.

3D Printing Pens

Ever since I saw this gadget in work on YouTube, I wanted to try it. On one hand it's something new, something we were not able to do since now, but if you really think about it, it's just melted plastic. The reason why I'm writing this negative review is because I've searched around a lot and have to admit I haven't found a 3D printing pen that people would love. Mostly they complain that the pen doesn't work at all or it works only for about 10 minutes.
I really wanted to write a good review on this item and it's true that I haven't tried any of the variants out there, but reading what people, who actually bough it, have to say about it, it makes me not want to even try it. At least not since a good model comes out. After all, this is not some cheap item, but it costs around $100 and more, plus the refills.
I have seen a couple of video reviews where the pen works well, but it's kind of hard to actually draw, if you're not an artist.
If you still wanna buy it, you can check the link below.

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