Retro Kitchen Accessories

Here you can find a bunch of gifts that are suitable both for children and grown-ups. I’m talking about retro kitchen accessories. Do you like cotton candy, gummy bears, peanut butter? Well, now you can make these any many more at home with these amazing accessories. And that’s not all. They have that retro look from the 1950’s. Awesome gift for all nostalgic people.

If you’re not from the US you won’t be able to purchase half of the products on this site, because the seller simply doesn’t dispatch outside the US. Some items can be found, others are temporarily unavailable, but I somehow doubt they will be available anytime soon. But maybe I’m wrong and maybe you can contact the seller to send the goods if you’d like to.

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Cotton Candy Maker

What do fairs, circuses and carnivals all have in common? Well, they all have cotton candy, right? I'm sure most of you get a piece of cotton candy whenever you get a chance. So why not getting a cotton candy maker for your own parties?
There are many out there waiting for you to buy, but this one comes with retro pink wheels to make your candy maker even cooler. Perfect gift for kids and adults.
You can get it for around $30.

Candy Grabber

Another item for candy lovers.
You put your favourite candy, coins, little toys in this nice little retro candy machine and try to grab it with the claw. Just like you would do it on those big machines at carnivals. It also plays carnival style music for the complete carnival experience. Another great gift idea for people of all ages.
You can get it for around $30.

Snow Cone Maker

Summer is coming and you're gonna need something to cool your body during those hot summer days. Like snow cones? If yes, this is the perfect gift.
Besides creating refreshing snow cones at home anytime, this product takes you back in time with its beautiful retro design.
You can get it for around $50.

Peanut Butter Maker

For all peanut butter lovers. Here comes the Peanut butter maker, so you can eat healthy homemade peanut butter. And of course, I'm not talking about some new aerodynamic gadget made of steal, but a retro machine, to give your home a warmer look.
You can get it for around $40.

Coca-Cola Shaved Ice Maker

Coca-cola is not Cola-cola without ice. But what makes it even better, is Shaved Ice. With this cute retro Ice Maker choose from 2 shaving settings: snow for a finer texture, or slush for more coarse texture. Enjoy your fresh drinks with perfectly sliced ice. With this model you can prepare up to 8 oz. drinks at a time.
Of course, you can buy it for anyone, but the machine is branded with world's most famous brand, so it's meant mostly for Coca-Cola lovers.
You can get it for around $65.

Hot Dog Roller

Another great accessory for your summer parties.
This 1950's-style hot dog roller cooks up to 8 regular or 4 foot-long hot dogs at a time. And that's not all. The top works as a bun warmer, so you can make the entire hot dog with just one great retro looking gadget.
It's perfect for picknicks or everyday use.
You can get it for around $50.

Pop Corn Maker

I present to you the 1950's-style popcorn maker on wheels. I know it looks like a toy and that's what makes it so cute. Perfect for any age. Enjoy your movie nights or parties with this amazing Retro Pop Corn Maker.
You can get it for around $45.

Gummy Candy Maker

We all remember those gummy bears and snakes we used to chew back in time. They can still be bought at any store, but what if you could make your own?
What do you say about mixing your favourite flavours? Think about chocolate bears. Mmm...
This item is different from all the others in this category because it lacks that retro look, but for me, it takes me back to my youth, a time when those gummy bears and snakes were very popular.
You can get it for around $40.

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