Cool mp3 players and speakers for kids

Looking for a present for a kid who loves music?
Then you are in the right place. In this article you can find ideas for speakers for kids. Scroll down and start searching. Hope you find something usefull.

You can find good ideas in the other article I wrote previously “Cool and Unique Speakers“, which is intended for mostly gown ups, but believe me there are some items a kid would want too.

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Bear Style Mini Speaker

Let's start with a simple mini speaker that fits every pocket. You can find them in many different 'shapes', but I've picked this one, because it's cute and a perfect cheap toy for the youngest.
Again, it's small, it's cute and it connects to every device that has a standard 3.5mm jack, so this would be every phone or mp3 player. If you're buying for a child who loves bears, this is a great idea. The only thing is, that it has no radio functionality or bluetooth connectivity, so it must be connected with a wire to something like a phone, tab, laptop or mp3 player.
You can get it for around $10.

Angry Birds Speaker

Who doesn't like one of the most popular games today? Especially kids do.
Angry Birds Speaker fits in a pocket or school bag and would make an awesome gift to any Angry Birds fan. The downside is that it cannot connect wirelessly, but for this money and great design, I think it's worth a shoot.
There are many different angry birds, but the link below takes you to the official Gear4 red bird, which is the bird everyone knows. If you want another one, you can check under 'Related items' on amazon and find the Black Bird, Helmet Pig, Blue Bird and so on.
You can get it for around $30.

Wrist Watch Bluetooth Speaker

For all those kids who like to look stylish, this is the present for them. It's a speaker in a shape of a wrist watch. It comes in three different clours: white, orange and camouflage (the one in the picture). It connects through bluetooth (max range is 10 meters) and is compatible with all devices using this feature. It also has a MicroSD card slot, so you can put music on it and don't need a phone to sync with.
You can get it for around $25.

Grenade Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For all the boys who love the army, fighting, etc., this is an awesome speaker in a shape of a grenade. It comes in different colours (grey, green, red, blue and orange), but this one (on the picture) looks most like the real greade. It comes with a clip, this way it can be attached to a school bag, pants or anything you can think of. It connects through bluetooth and has a 10 meters operating range.
Be careful, if you purchase through the link below, you must specify the color, otherwise you'll get a random one.
You can get it for around $25.

Skull Speaker

Another gift for mostly boys. The Skull Speaker is a speaker in a shape of a skull. I've seen many around, but this one is really well done. It kind of looks like a real skull. The speakers are located where the ears should be and they are not hidden so you can see imediately that this is a speaker. Some people don't like this, but I think this way it looks even better. It connects to your phone, tab or whatever through a standard 3.5mm jack or you can upload your music to a SD card or USB and plug it in. It weights around 1kg, so it's not really meant to be carried around. The cool thing about it, is that it comes with a remote control that comes in handy when you're listening from USB or SD card.
You can get it for around $40.

Car Speaker

For all kids loving fast cars, this is an awesome gift. It's a speaker in a shape of a car and to be honest I am not sure if the wheels actually move. I would think so, but I cannot find any documentation on that. Anyways, it's a nice looking car with USB and MicroSD support. Or you can just plug in your phone or pc with an AUX cable. There are two more functions this car has and the first one is a FM radio, the second is a LCD screen with a clock on the back window. In the description it says that it also has LED lights, but I couldn't find where they would be located.
You can get it for around $20.

Truck speaker

If you liked the car above, you'll probably like this one too. It's a truck cabin with FM radio function and a MP3 player with USB and MicroSD card support. It can also connect to any external device using AUX cable.
It would make a nice present for almost every young boy. Even without the speakers functionality it still looks pretty good. Again, i'm not sure if the wheels actually spin to play around.
You can get it for around $30.

Boat Speaker

Continuing with vehicles. Here is a speaker in a shape of a boat.
This one only supports audio from SD cards (up to 16GB).
I don't think there is much more to say about it. It's a good gift for those who love boats. But be careful that it doesn't get in the water, because it is not waterproof.
You can get it for around $25.

Van Shaped Speakers

This van looks just like the real one. Very well made, supports mp3s from USB or Micro SD cards and also allows you to connect your devices through an AUX cable. If you don't have your own music, you can listen to the radio. On the back next to all the connection holes, you can find the LCD display to see which radio station or song is currently playing. Once again - very cute van, that looks like it came from the '70s.
You can get it for around $30.

Football Shaped Speaker

Moving on from vehicles, but still in the sports category. Here comes the football shaped speaker with 3.5mm jack that connects the speaker to any device that supports mp3 format. For those who don't want to use an external device, you can put audio files on a MicroSD card or USB. The ball is yellow and can be personalized with stickers of your favourite team. I don't know if the stickers come with the speaker or you have to buy them separately, as it is not written anywhere. But even without any sticker it still looks pretty awesome.
You can get it for around $25.

Puppy Shaped Bluetooth Speaker

Is your kid giving you a hard time about wanting a dog? Well if you can't afford to get a real one, you should consider giving him/her this good looking puppy.
It can connect through bluetooth as well as a standard 3.5mm jack or USB port and supports MP3 formats. Oh, and it also has a MicroSD card slot. I know it can't replace a real dog, but at least it looks like one, except for the head, which is flat, so you can put your phone or whatever device you use on. Or if you'd like maby you could even put a picture frame, sticker or something like that. Maby a picture of a real dog to make it look more like a real puppy.
You can get it for around $30.

MP3 Player and Speaker with projector

A little bit more pricy, but it offers more than all the gadgets presented in this article. It's a nice looking MP3 player with two pink hearts on it. It supports MP3 and WAV formats from an MicroSD card or external devices through a standard 3.5m jack or USB port.
What this device has that no other device here has, is a built-in heart pattern and "Love Forever" words PROJECTOR. Awesome for little girls, don't you think?
The only downfall I can find is that it comes with Chinese user manual, but I think it will not be that heard to learn how to use it.
You can get it for around $40.

Bluetooth Speaker with Rotating Globe

Here comes the most expensive gift of this article so far. It's an actual funtional rotating globe with all the world's countries and a speaker.
Every kid need a globe in his room, right? So why not getting him/her this one? It's a two in one gift. A radio for his pleasure and also a learning tool. Think about it.
You can get it for around $70.

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