Unique Cups and Glasses

Everyone drinks, either hot or cold drinks. Here is a list of ideas for unique cups and glasses, for coffee lovers to wine and beer lovers.
Soon I’ll be adding an article on Shoot Glasses and Drinking Games, so be sure to check back soon. When I get some more ideas, I’ll also write an article about Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers, because I have lots of coffee lovers around me and stugle to find something unique for their passion.

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Camera Lens Cup

Can't stay away from yor camera for too long?
This EF 24-105mm f/4L USM Lens simutaion cup in 1:1 size looks just like the real lens. It's a perfect gift for all photopgraphy lovers. Starting a day with a cup of coffee in a unique cup can make someone's day. There are many different variants out there, but the reason I chose this one is because it also works as a thermos (stainless steal inside) and the cover top resemble the real lens. This way you don't have to worry if the plastic is BPA free, because you don't drink from plastic.
This is a really great and must have item for all photography lovers. So if you're buying for a photographer, you've found the perfect gift.
You can get it for around $15.

Self Stirring Mug

For those who are too lazy to stir their coffe, here is a nice cup that does the job for you. It comes with a top which makes it easier to walk around with it and not spill the precious coffee.
The one I've linked is black, but if you would like, you can find them in 4 different colors (black, red, yellow and green) on the same link under 'Related items'. This is one of those things you might have already seen, but again I haven't seen it before I started searching for unique cups and glasses.
You can get it for around $15.

Leaning Tower Cups

A set of cups that forms the tower of Pisa is a great idea for coffee or tea drinkers. They can be also used to serve dips and other foods. When they're not in use, they stack up to form the leaning tower of Pisa, and make a nice kitchen decoration. One by one are nothing special, but together they from a unique stack of cups.
You can get them for around $20.

Totem Pole Stacking Cups

If you really care about someone and think he/she would appreciate 4 porcelain cups that together form a beautiful white Totem, you should consider buying these. Yes they are a little more expensive from all other gifts, specialy if you think it's just cups of coffee, but they're very high quality and they'd make a nice gift.
You can get them for around $85.

Take A Break Emergency Mug

This is a funny ceramic cup perfect for those workaholics who need to be reminded to take a break for coffee sometimes.
This one does not stir itself or does anything fancy, but it just looks cool and funny.
You can get it for around $20.

Ninja Mug

Unleash your inner assassin with the Ninja Mug.
It is made from durable ceramic and has a removable ninja cover which can protect your fingers from burrning on a hot mug, ninja sword spoon for perfect stirrs and a coaster in shape of a ninja star to add that final touch.
It's a great gift for young and older ninjas.
You can get it for around $15.

Lipstick Hip Flask

Moving from coffee cups. Here comes a Flask in shape of a red lipstick.
It holds up to 125ml. It's small enough to fit your average size purse and perfect to store liquor in it. The ladys mainly wrote good reviews about how cool it is to hide liquid where noone would expect it to be, but a couple of people did complain that it is bigger than they've expected it to be.
You can get it for around $15.

Trophy Mug

This mug was the 'Gift of the year 2014'.
It's a mug in a shape of a cup which comes bundled with a pen to write on it. You can write anything you want. This way you can win a different award every other day. You don't even have to buy a gift card to go with it, since you can write your wishes on the mug.
It hold up to 325ml of liquid and is made from durable ceramics. Perfect gift for everyone with a little sens of humor, don't you think?
You can get it for around $15.

Das Horn

Drink like a Viking!
This unique beer (or any other liquid) mug holds up to 700ml and can be carried around your neck which is ideal for barbecues and parties. Drink from the Horn and be a Viking. I think it would be perfect for most beer lovers.
And if you don't want to carry it around your neck, it comes with a stand where you can put it to rest, while you do other things.
You can get it for around $30.

Handmade Wooden Barrel Mug

Beer lovers, here comes the best beer mug. It's handmade from Jujube wood and holds up to 350ml of beer. Give your beer a better taste with this barrel looking mug.
You can get it for around only $5.

Half Pint Glass

Made of high quality glass, comes the Half pint glass.
It's exactly what the name suggests. A pint sliced in half. Great idea for beer and football lovers. Also great for slow drinkers who complain about their beer getting warm too fast, but want to look cool with the whole pint.
The downside is that I would expect it to come in two pieces, but it comes only in one piece.
You can get it for around $15.

Sliced Cold Beer Glass

Another example of sliced glasses. This time it looks like the glass has been cut horizontally 2 times and glued together with a precision of a 5 year old. This unique beer glasses come in sets of 2, so you won't be the only one with a weird glass in your hand.
You can get it for around $30.

Relax Cognac Glasses

Let's move to more refined glasses - cognac glasses. They come in a set of 2 so you don't have to enjoy a good cognac alone.
Each glass is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, providing warmth to the cognac. The peak at the center of the glass will mix the cognac and increase the aroma and flavour. All of this and the three feet under makes this glasses unique. A great gift for a true cognac lover.
You can get it for around $30.

Giant Champagne Flute

Great gift idea for champagne or party lovers in general.
It's a Giant Champagne Flute that can hold the whole bottle of Chapagne at once.
Perfect gift for any celebration. I would personaly buy a bottle of champagne to go with it and that's it. Ready to celebrate.
You can get it for around $20.

Drink Up: Bedside Babushka Glass

The Bedside Babushka Glass almost doesn't fit this category, but after all it is still a cup or to be more precise, a container for water in shape of the Russian Babushka. The head detaches and can be used as a cup to drink from. Useful for those who need to water their mouth in the middle of the night when thirts overcomes them.
You can get it for around $20.

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